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Improve Your Campaign With These Tools

Web and print campaigns are a combination of branding, social media, quality content and website analysis. It is essential that you effectively tailor your processes to enable you to manage a multimedia campaign. Fortunately, there are various tools that can be of help.

Because there are quite a lot of options you could try, and without the time to completely test them all, settling for one can be quite difficult. Below are six easy tools that can improve your campaign.

1. Free Photo Sites (Copyright-Free Photography)

Finding a quality photo that was copyright free at the same time used to be like finding a needle in a haystack in the past. However, with the option of a quality free stock image website, your photo design options are virtually unlimited. We found a gem, and the artistic quality the photographers display and are willing to freely share is remarkable.

Royalty free stock photo images from unsplash

For great quality images that are copyright free, visit

2. Stock, Royalty-Free Graphics & Vectors

When designing, a good selection of vector files and fonts can be time-saving resources you would likely use frequently. However, finding them is another herculean task of its own. Some sites have free vectors but are lower quality. Then there are some nice PSD graphic sharing sites, but these are generally a designers personal site. Finding high quality PSD abd AI vector files in one place saves you a boatload of time.

Adobe royalty free images stock graphics and vectors

For a complete selection of stock, vectors and graphics, visit

3. Social Media Sharing Plugin

A blog, no matter how good, is virtually no good if nobody reads or visits it. hence, including social share buttons is one way to put your blog out to the world. This will make it possible for you to drive traffic to your site, in addition to increased social signal and brand exposure.

Monarch social media sharing plugin for wordpress

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4. Email Opt-In and Lead Generation Plugin

Email marketing is thought to be more effective and important than social media engagements. Bloom is a useful tool that allows you target specific posts and ages and also displays unique offers based on visitor interaction and location.

Wordpress plugin for email opt in

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5. Website Analytics Software

Realizing and knowing how users interact with your data and web content is extremely important.Website Analytics Software will help you optimize the performance of your website and deliver more of what your visitors are looking for. In addition, with website analytics, you can measure exactly how your website is fairing through analysis of your visitors behavior and engagement.

Website data through google analytics

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6. Call Tracking Services

Call tracking allows you to assign a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns. These numbers can be diverted to your main business number, this will make it possible for an extension to answer any call made to your direct line. With this method, you can measure which marketing strategies are most effective by monitoring the lines that receive the most calls.

Tracking and management of phone calls with call rail

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Grow Your Business With These Tools

Virtually all small business owners need easy and simple tools to get their campaigns moving. A reasonable number of digital tools today are mainly for enterprise businesses or require a budget that far outweighs any reasonable ROI. However, the tools mentioned above are low-cost tools that are effective and easy to integrate. Get your campaign rolling today!

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